Self Esteem, Personal Integrity, Self Worth….is your reputation with yourself!!

The Work of a Mind Matter

That which begins in the mind is a Mind Matter; from there that  matter flows through our entire being in systems of integrity, compassion, honesty, responsibility, generosity, accountability, health and LOVE... flowing freely from one whose self-esteem is healthy and balanced. 
A Mind Matter’s work is about connecting you with your competence and confidence; collaborating while still believing you are your own best resource.  A Mind Matter is about appreciating self and respecting others.  A Mind Matter work is the work of re- connecting the Mind with the body and Spirit.   It really is a Mind Matter!!

Life Coaching via email, web chat, skype and messenger Counselling via email, web chat, skype and messenger

What Coaching can do for you:

  • Equip and Empower your Authentic Self
  • Facilitate Personal Transformations
  • Improve Personal Integrity
  • Create a Balanced Approach to Life

What Counselling Can do for you:

  • Improve Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Develop new / improved coping strategies
  • Increase self-awareness and acceptance
  • SHIFT self limiting or immobilized beliefs

People We Serve

People who are ready? Ready for?  Change, people with gaps between reality and dreams. You might be the owner of a successful small business looking to find balance between the demands of work and the needs of your family. You might be an empty-nester looking to make a difference in the lives of others but not sure which direction to choose. Maybe it's simply that you want your already great relationship to be spectacular, or you just want to invest more in yourself.
Perhaps you long to focus more on gratitude or forgiveness in this season of your life and just need a bit of guidance toward that path. Maybe it’s simply your time to alter all of that old negative internal dialogue and self-talk and a coach is a perfect person to assist you in reframing that chatter. You may be seeking to improve your personal economy, or reconnect or even finally connect with your authentic self. Maybe you just need to figure out how to have more fun with life….whatever you goals or challenge we can work with you to map out the journey!! Are you ready??? After all it starts in the mind….and it really is A MIND MATTER!